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5 Christmas Questions: Jamie McDowell & Tom Thum

25th Nov 2015

Incredible beatboxing/guitar-playing duo Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum are brining their inimitable musical stylings to the Spiegeltent in St Andrew Square tomorrow! We caught up with Tom to ask him some Christmas questions...

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

What’s your favourite Christmas song and why?
DJ Joyride put out a splendid Christmas album. His rendition of White Christmas would warm even the grinch's cold heart. His dulcet baritones inspired in me a yuletidal wave of joyous emotions that would paint even the warmest towns white for Christmas. 

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
Accidentally squirting talcum powder in my brothers eye while demonically screaming "let it snow. "

How early is too early to put your tree up?

What will you be doing on Christmas day this year?

Sitting in the summer sun with a cold beer and my warm loved ones enjoying a nice dip by the yakkanabongarie beachfront. 

What’s the most essential ingredient of Christmas dinner?
Patience, quality jokes and an ability to remember the names of step step cousins and new Aunties. 

What’s your favourite cracker joke?
That's a bit racist. 

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Probably just to have more determination when setting unlikely goals for myself.

What’s your favourite thing about Edinburgh at Christmas?
The fact that we've never been there during xmas, we are very excited to come!! 

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