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An interview with Santa Claus

12th Dec 2014

Santa is a very busy man at the moment, but he still found time to have a quick chat with us yesterday in his grotto at Santa Land in East Princes St Gardens! 

How are you finding your time in Scotland? 
It's been excellent. I've actually been here before - well, obviously I come here every year on Christmas Eve, but not normally for as long! I decided this year that I'd like to spend some time by the seaside, so this summer I have been skipper of a boat taking people out to the Bass Rock to see the gannets. Not many people recognised me, but some did! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay here in Edinburgh right up until Christmas eve. 

Have you managed to see any of the city?
A little bit - I helped with the switch-on of the Christmas lights at Light Night which was good fun, but I'm very busy at the grotto with more and more children coming to see me!

Where do you keep the Reindeer in Edinburgh?
Ah, you see, the Reindeer actually aren't here. People think I bring them everywhere with me but the Reindeer are back at home - they're going to be very busy so they have to rest, eat as much as possible and get fit ready for Christmas eve!

What's your favourite thing for people to leave by the fire for you?
I used to like a little glass of wine or sherry but I got stopped by the Reindeer police last year and was told I was being naughty so a glass of milk is fine and - being in Scotland - shortbread. I just love shortbread. 

Are the children in Edinburgh mainly naughty or nice?
I would think like all children, they're mainly nice. There are occasional hints of naughtiness, but the nice is nicer than the naughty!

What sort of presents have they been asking for this year?
Well, you see, we're doing this a bit differently this year. We're doing a surprise Christmas this year. The childrens' Christmas lists have been getting longer and longer and the elves have been struggling to keep up with production. So rather than asking for presents, its a surprise Christmas for the Children this year.

What do you have planned for after Christmas?
Well, the 26th of December is when we get back home from delivering all of the presents. Everybody is exhausted so we have a HUGE breakfast, and then we go to bed for a long sleep. After that, we'll sit about and think about having a holiday. We're not sure where yet - perhaps some sunshine this year! 

There's still time to visit Santa in his grotto before he packs his sleigh on Christmas eve! 

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