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Meet the Stars of La Clique Noël

7th Dec 2018

Set the scene, it’s 10pm, it’s a crisp December night, there’s a festive buzz in the air, people wandering by on the streets of Edinburgh, chuckling and jolly in the midst of their Christmas nights out. You’ve just left The Famous Spiegeltent, you’re merry, your cheeks are a little tender from laughter, there’s a sparkle in your eyes and your body temperature has risen significantly. You’ve just been immersed in the weird, wild and wonderful world of La Clique Noël - Part Deux!  

Now it’s time to get to know the sparkling and shining family of artistes - their cutting-edge brilliance reflected in the antique mirrors of The Famous Spiegeltent - ‘Enter its magical portals and for two hours you can forget the worries of the world.’  

A stellar collection of the hottest acts, coolest tunes, astonishing feats and tricks that will blow your Christmas stockings off! 

“I once met a man in a cabaret show” 

Prepare yourself for the fabulous Bernie Dieter - The darkest, funniest, most debauched Kabarett Diva this side of the Berlin wall. ‘Musically adept, marvelously funny, genuinely naughty and utterly in control, leaving the audience screaming for more!’  

The infamous Heather Holliday. A New York City native. This vintage beauty puts together her ‘sword swallowing, fire eating and Coney Island side show skills’ to use all over the world. This ‘act is not really for the squeamish - but no one can argue that it isn’t incredible!’ 

Be dazzled by beautiful burlesque at its best from Mosh who looks more like Jessica Rabbit than seems humanly possible’  Born in Moscow and making her La Clique debut, she is one of the biggest names in alternative, fetish, and pin up modelling.  

Fancy Chance has been hair hanging since 2007. Self-taught and a bit nuts for doing so! She’s been dangling by her locks, doing one woman shows and causing mischief for the last decade around the globe.  

‘Hold your breath as super fit aerialist Stephen Williams cheekily swings above his water filled bath’. Combining balance, aerial strength and dance, which has taken him back and forth, around and about, all over the world! 

With his ‘winning blend of comedy and magic’  Paul Zenon has appeared in around 40 countries. He’s the author of several books on magic, bar bets and practical jokes.   

Florian Brooks, a Gentleman Juggler par excellence! He brings a collection of surprising and intimate moments, within an elegant, nonchalant and sophisticated performance. ‘Each move in this old-fashioned routine is so in sync with the music that you could easily watch him all night’ 

Accompanying all these wonderful creatures is a scintillating live band - Dannie Bourne and the La Clique Palais Orkestra, featuring the talents of Dannie Bourne, Kelly Wolfgramm, Eamon McNeils, Mark Elton, Stuart Semple and Michael Butcher. Bringing you the funkiest, Cabaret style Jazz, that will have you shoulder shaking in your seats.  

Singer Kelly Wolfgramm's rendition of 'I Put a Spell on You' is a particular highlight, as her soaring vocals echo out across the Festival Square Spiegeltent, sending shivers through the audience’   

David Bates, Spiegelmaestro first performed in Edinburgh in 1987. After falling in love with the Famous Spiegeltent, which kept him coming back for the past 30 years and producing her first season in 1996. In 2003, they conspired to deliver the internationally acclaimed show, La Clique, one of the Fringe’s biggest success stories, launching an entire performance genre, with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.  

So, darlings, now you know a little bit more. It’s time to get MUCH MORE personal! Let your hair down, throw caution to the wind, strap yourself in and celebrate the festive season with La Clique Noël - Part Deux! 


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Posted by Tess Letham