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Morgan and West tell us all about their Christmas traditions!

10th Oct 2016

What do Morgan and West do to celebrate Christmas?

After 364 days in each other's company, we leave each other alone to eat, sleep, see our loved ones and not think about magic tricks for a full, blissful, decoratively wrapped, mince pie filled 24 hours.

What’s your most unusual Christmas tradition?

Christmas can be quite a busy time for magicians, and free weekends are almost completely foreign to us, so every year we get together with some friends to have a full christmas dinner (complete with party hats, crackers and more than one kind of dessert) on a weekday in November.

What’s your favourite Christmas carol?

Vorderman (her birthday is Christmas eve don't you know?), but failing that we'll take Bing and Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.

Which snacks do you leave for Father Christmas and his reindeer?

Mr Morgan insists I leave out mince pies, chocolates, turkey sandwiches and gingerbread men. We don't actually have a fireplace, so I leave them in Mr Morgan's room. They're always gone by the morning.

How many of the 12 days of Christmas gifts can you name (without googling!)?

A partridge in a pear tree. Two turtle doves. Three french hens. Four calling birds. Fiiiiiiiive Goooooold Rings. Six Geese-a-laying. Seven Swans-a-swimming. Eight maids-a-milking. Nine Dancers Dancing. Ten pipers piping. Eleven lords a leaping. Twelve drummers drumming. Thirteen magicians cut from the original for budgetary reasons.

Would you rather be visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present or future?

Let me see... would I rather be visited by the Ghost of Guilt Trips Past, The Ghost of Super Fun Christmas Parties or the Ghost of Foreseeing Your Own Death. Tough one. I'll opt for the guilt trips.

Who did you play in your nativity?

Genuinely, and with no word of a lie, Mr Morgan was a Jack-in-the-Box and Mr West was an alien.

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