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The Alternative 12 Days of Christmas

17th Dec 2014

We are delighted to announce the return of our festive ticket give away The Alternative 12 Days of Christmas! We’re giving away 150 tickets per day for all rides and both ice rinks. All you have to do is meet one of the festive criteria for each day!

Day 1 - 23 December
Bring us a parcel!
Bring us a food parcel which we will donate to the Trussell Trust Food Bank in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve. (NB: Food parcels must consist of no less than two non- perishable food items).

Day 2 - 24 December
Christmas Eve Dress-up
Free ticket if you come dressed as a Santa, an Elf or an Angel or a character from the Nativity play.

Day 3 - 26 December
Nicholas or Nicola day
Free ticket if you are called Nicholas, Nick or Nicola (or similar).
(NB: you must bring proof of ID).

Day 4 – 27 December
Twin, triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet day…
Free ticket if you come with a twin or another sibling born on the same day.
(NB: you must either be identical or supply a form of ID showing the same birthday. Tickets given to all matching siblings).

Day 5 – 28 December
Wear a Kilt Day
Free ticket if you come wearing a kilt (mind it might get chilly at the top of the Star Flyer!).

Day 6 – 29 December
Christmas Baby Day
Free ticket if you were born between 25 December and 4 January.
(NB: you must show some a form of ID including a passport, driving licence, NI card, or ridacard).

Day 7 – 30 December
Ginger-head day
Free ticket if you have natural or dyed red or ginger hair.
(NB: no costume wigs or see-you-Jimmy hats accepted!).

Day 8 - 31 December
Festive kisses, bring us a bit of mistletoe in exchange for a ticket
(NB: A kiss on the cheek is free!).

Day 9 – 1 January
First Foot Day
Free ticket if you bring a box of shortbread to the box office or a non-perishable food donation.
(NB: All donations will be given to the Trussell Trust Food Bank in Edinburgh).

Day 10 – 2 January
Services Day
Free ticket if you work for one of the Services (Armed forces, NHS, Police Scotland or the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service).
(NB: you must show a form of ID).

Day 11 – 3 January
Gift Recycle Day
Free ticket if you donate any new but unwanted gifts, which we will donate to Waverley Care.

Day 12 – 4 January
Eleven Pipers Piping
Free ticket if you come with your bagpipes or drums and are prepared to play on or before or after the ride. You can come by yourself or as a group.! See below for terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

- Tickets must be claimed from either the St Andrew Square box office, or the main box office at East Princes St Gardens (next to the ice rink). 
- Rides may be cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions. Exchanges for other days will not be given.
- Each person can only redeem one attraction ticket per day.
- Winning tickets cannot be applied to tickets which have already been purchased or pre booked.
- If you do not meet the guideline criteria for the specific day then a winning ticket will not be issued.
- Tickets subject to availability. A maximum of 450 tickets will be given away per day and they are limited to 150 tickets per attraction per day.
- Tickets not available for Santa’s Grotto.
- Winning tickets cannot be exchanged for anything else, including a cash alternative.
- Winning tickets cannot be used on any other day.
- Winning tickets must be claimed between 10am and 5pm on the day of the offer but can be used after 5pm.
- Each person meeting the criteria will receive a free ticket to the outlined attraction of their choice (subject to availability).
- Ice rink tickets will be by time slot only. Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
- If you wish to accompany a child you are welcome to meet the criteria to receive a winning ticket. If you do not wish to meet the criteria then tickets for the attractions can be purchased in order for the adult to accompany the child.
- Tickets cannot be re-sold.
- Normal Edinburgh’s Christmas terms and conditions apply. (


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