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Bains Retro Sweets

Classic treats for the family.


A MUST GO TO "place to visit" when exploring the capitol.Bains Retro Sweets is a wonderland of RETRO SWEETIES, which will enhance the memories of sweeties that you enjoyed as a child like: Chelsea whoppers, MB Bars, mint crispettes, Lucky tatties, Sour Plooms, cola cubes, black jacks, fruit salads, Cherry lips, Floral gums, Blue bubbly's, chewing

nuts and lot's more. As a Scottish family run sweetie shop in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh city centre, also offering a worldwide delivery service. Our main objective in life is to give the customer an experience to remember and treasure. Please enjoy your journey on this website.

  • abc Candy: 100grms of fruit avoured candy sweets in the shape of letters of the alphabet, With these, you can spell out a message for your partner, sibbling or friend, then sit back and take in the reaction. ENJOY !!!
  • Lucky Tatties: 100grms of Lucky Tatties, Old time Scottish candy with a texture like a biscuit. Rich cream fondant covered in cinnamon to give an inspired taste. Made in Scotland enjoyed by all.
  • Soor Plooms: 100grms of Soor Plooms, (Scottish for "Sour Plums") are a Scottish hard boiled sweets which when sucked are really soor (sour) but very tasty. These will "draw yer cheeks the gither".
  • Irn Bru Rock: This Scottish rock candy has Scotlands "other" National drink (Irn Bru) as it's avour. Orange and tangy.
  • Chelsea Whoppers: Who remembers these BAD BOY''S, ''Chelsea Whoppers'' are Cocoa dusted chocolate fudge, made in Scotland with a real authentic taste. They are absolutely DELISCIOUS.
  • Black Jacks: Black Jacks, Black Jacks are aniseed avoured chewy black rectangles that are loved by children and adults alike.
  • Oddfellows: 100grms of Odd Fellows, Oddfellows are traditional sweets from the past, (big time retro). They are round and come in a variety of colours. They are also very tasty and a big favourite with our elder customers.
  • Abbey Road Jute Bag: Broons Family on Zebra Crossing Shopper Largest version in our best selling Luxury Jute Shopper range. With padded cotton handles so even with the increased carrying capacity it is still comfortable to hold. h35 x w40 x g20.
  • Christmas cone: 1 x 200g Christmas cone mixed with Christmas themed Jellies with Marshmallows and Chocolate eggs. Adults and children alike will love getting these at Christmas. Can also be a cracking "Stocking ller"


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