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Pamela Martin BSc, CST, DARM, RMT is a Certified CranioSacral Therapist, Advanced Remedial Bodyworker and TRE® Provider specialising in CORE® Fascial Release. She also holds qualifications in Developmental Genetics, Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy, Breathwork, Counselling, NLP and Shamanic Healing.

Pam has run a successful Advanced Remedial Bodywork practice since 1997 offering a unique and highly effective approach to treating individuals seeking to restore balance and relieve pain.

By offering a unique blend of advanced techniques and practices Pam brings life and awareness to the core of your being. Her clients range from 2 days old to 89 years old. Her approach encourages awareness, movement, understanding, freedom and breath and aims to facilitate change and personal growth. Pam is inspired by her ongoing study of the human body-mind connection, indigenous healing traditions, yoga, nature and life.


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