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Find authentic Spanish food at our outlet in Leith! Give yourself a treat with our selection of delicacies and our range of Christmas food!


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Iberico Ham Shoulder Grass Fed From Guijuelo

This Iberico ‘cebo de campo‘ shoulder is the result of a careful drying process that lasts 16 months and creates an Iberico ham masterpiece with the perfect level of infiltered fat. It has the characteristic fat marbled and great juiciness that is appreciated on carving and tasting.

Wafer Sticks Filled With Turron

Delicious wafer sticks filled with the best soft turron. Very addictive on their own, and even better with ice cream!

Thick dipping hot chocolate

The rich flavour of Chocolate Valor, easier to make. A real indulgence for the chocolate lovers to enjoy by itself, or for dipping churros.

Frozen Churros

The authentic churros, ready-made and frozen for you. Crunchy, warm, delicious and ready to eat in only 3 minutes. 

Spanish Turron

Turron is made from almonds combined with honey and sugar. The result is a delicious sweet that can be presented with different textures and combined with other ingredients as chocolate or eggs yolk.

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sevilla. The Arbequina variety is very fruity and smooth on the mouth; perfect for crudites, fish and desserts.

Zoco Pacharan

A Spanish fruits liquor that you will love!

Manchego cheese

Made from 100% pure raw Manchego sheep´s milk, according to a traditional century-old family recipe in an artisanal style. It's a natural product with an intense flavour, excellent bouquet and superb aftertaste.

Avocado honey

Avocado honey comes from the avocado blossoms nectar. It is a dark amber colour and feels smooth and silky on the tongue. It has a very bold flavour profile, somewhat of a burnt, smoky, molasses taste.

Smoked Paprika from La Vera

Premium Spanish Smoked Paprika produced with the best selection of peppers by artisans in La Vera region in Extremadura





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