2nd December Summerhall 11am - 7pm

Summerhall began as a brewery in the 1710s. It then became The University of Edinburgh’s Veterinary College built between 1913 – 1925. Closing in 2011, the McDowell family have since cultivated Summerhall as a hub for all things creative. Come and explore Summerhall's unique spaces, from the quirky Dissection Room to the grand Main Hall and the beautiful Anatomy Lecture Theatre. The Small Animal Hospital now houses The Royal Dick Bar amongst other businesses. Each room has a new lease of life.

Summerhall will be opening it's doors for 24 Doors of Advent and welcoming visitors to explore our unique building. We will be opening up our most interesting venue spaces and offering guided tours. Our Resident businesses will be opening their studios and spaces to the public including Barney's Beer, Pickering's Gin, Artist's Ethel Maude, Caroline Grevers, Animator Iain Gardner, Taxidermist Fiona Dean and photographer's Peter Dibdin and John Need. Our exhibition spaces and Cafe will be open late and our on-site bar, The Royal Dick will be open with festive options exclusively for 24 Doors of Advent visitors. The Exhibition tour will begin at 1400 and guided event space tours begin at 1500 and 1700. Please email info@summerhall.co.uk to book a space on the tours. Café and Exhibition spaces will stay open late until 1900.